Thursday, February 17, 2011

Let's Go Green

I am so glad I’m beginning to feel better. I give myself a large choco chips cookies as a get well wish. I’m finally starting to sew and to paint again. I miss my hobby and 'only me time'. I’m so much in a Holiday Season mood and I don't want to be ruined by any rush projects I should be posted by next couple weeks. I’m bummed that I’ve missed a whole week of sewing but I’ve used my sick time for lots of thinking and planning. I’ve learned a lot about myself by having to slow down for awhile. 

Number one, I need to swap any little things away. 
Two, play truant.. and then play some games with my son.
Three, measure off my fabrics before I do anything else for the day. 
Four, I truly love quilting and hope I always have time for it! 
Five, quilters do come true! 

Now let's check this out. It is mom's old pillow sheet. The fact, we have to change it with a new one. But  I really like that pillow sheet, because the fabric is so soft. That's why I need to add some this & that.. so,  it gets a reason to stay on our living room..... hey, I'm dressed!

I officially introduce you my private assistant.
There he is..... LOL.

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batikmania said...

Nice works of yours. I would love to learn how to quilt. And I love green ideas as well. Can we connect through facebook page too? Reading your blog posts and facebook status would be inspiring. Let me add you.

mukti said...

salam kenal mbak